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Loose Dentures Made Better With Implants

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Dentures can quickly give you teeth to function after having previous teeth in poor condition.The removable nature of dentures can result in discomfort and poor compliance. Dentures that once fit well can become loose and ill-fitting and need to be addressed before more complicated conditions arise.
Dentures don’t address the issue of missing tooth roots, which over time will cause the jawbone to diminish in size and cause the dentures to become ill-fitting. Implants allow the bone to stay undiminished in these areas and give the dentures a fixture to attach.
Loose dentures can be secured with the assistance of dental implants. The implants will serve as a fixture that keep the dentures stable.
Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures
Stops Discomfort – Loose dentures can rub sores against the delicate internal mouth tissues, the tongue, and the gums. This continuous rubbing of the hard denture material frequently causes mouth ulcers, which can worsen and can, over time, affect the fit of the dentures. Dentures that are secured with dental implants won’t move inside the mouth and therefore reduces ulcerations.
Eliminates Embarrassment – Removable dentures can get loose and fall out of your mouth with a cough or sneeze. Scenes of the dentures abruptly dropping out from the mouth while smiling, talking, or eating are exceptionally humiliating. The denture wearer can become timid with the thought that even a little mouth movement can make the dentures drop out. Implant secured dentures won’t move around or fall out. Securing the dentures with dental implants can adequately put a stop to humiliating scenes, and can boost self-confidence.
Stops Jawbone Deterioration – Removable dentures alone don’t address the loss of tooth roots (which have been uprooted with the lost regular teeth). This results in the shrinkage of the jawbone with the progression of time. Dental implants are used to help dentures give strength and support that the jawbone has lost.

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